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How Long Does The Scar of Transplant Take to Recover

How Long Does The Scar of Transplant Take to Recover

There are a couple of reasons that scare people from hair transplant. It’s reasonable. Hair transplant is not an easy decision. We’ll try to help you to conquer your fears in this post. We’ll explain you the FUE procedures and the recovery after the transplant.

First of all, we have to say that recovery process of the hair transplant depends on to the person and it varies from person to person. We’ll discuss on the average. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction ) is a hair transplant procedure that requires very short amount of time to recover.

During a Follicular Unit Extraction ( FUE ) procedure, all needed hair follicles provided one by one from the harvest area and then the hairs that collected from the patient are transplanted to the area that needs the hair transplant. Basically, this is the Follicular Unit Extraction process. The transplant process leaves little White marks on the skin. But these marks are so tiny, the transplanted hair covers them when the hair grows back. There will be also a little scar because of the incusion to provide hair. The incision which can look like red incrustation, may take 7-10 days to heal after the Follicular Unit Extraction ( FUE ) procedure. Idlhair performs Follicular Unit Extraction which is a form of hair transplant in Turkey.

As we said before, healing of the scars of hair transplant depends on to the person and you have to take a professional’s advice to be sure. Hair transplant in Turkey is very popular. Medical tourism in Turkey is getting bigger and bigger every day. It’s because of the quality of the medical facilities, talented medical doctors and professionals. Every day, hundreds of hair transplant operation is happening in Turkey, mostly at the beautiful Istanbul. Hair transplant in Turkey is the choice of most of the Near East. You can discuss with the experienced doctors about the procedure and you can get the information from most important to least important at Idlhair.

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