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As IDL Hair Clinik, we provide service with our expert doctors and qualified staff. We redesign hair, which is an important detail in physical appearance. Our biggest goal; those who prefer us by applying the most appropriate hair transplantation method, is to leave happy after the procedure.



  • Fue Method
  • DHI Method
  • Safir Method
  • Stil Method
  • Unshaved Hair Transplant Method
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  • Shuttle Transfer
  • Interpreter Services

Fue Method

In this method, roots are removed from the back of the hair by means of micromotor.

DHI Method

DHI is a “direct hair implantation” method. It is the process of filling the gaps between the hair without damaging the existing hair.

Sapphire Method

Sapphire blades are widely used in the FUE technique, which is also known as “sapphire FUE hair transplantation

Stil Method

Slit hair transplantation method is a new generation hair transplantation technique used in regions where intensive hair transplantation will be performed

Anesthesia in Hair

In hair transplantation, anesthesia is applied to prevent the patient from feeling pain. Hair transplantation is usually done with local anesthesia.

Unshaved Hair Transplant

Unshaved hair transplantation is a technique where hair is transplanted without shaving. Also known as “unshaven FUE method”.

Free Inspection

All pre-checks of your hair are carried out by our expert team and doctors free of charge.

Hair Care Products

IDL HAIR CLINIC provides your hair care products with the necessary medications after the operation.



The IDL HAIR CLINIC team will meet you at the airport and accompany you to your hotel. We will host your five star hotel with our VIP Shuttle service. We will make sure you enjoy Istanbul before or after the hair transplant operation. We will send you to your new life and your new life.

+90 530 09 444 79