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Sapphire Method

“Sapphire” or “Sapphire Blade” hair transplantation method is an efficient application using sapphire blades in the grooving stage. Sapphire blades are used in grooving stage during the application of FUE technique. Designed with sapphire element,the blades are smooth and do not lose their sharpness. Therefore, it minimizes the tissue damage in the hair follicles during the operation. It is also antibacterial, antimicrobial and does not disrupt blood circulation. These features of the sapphire-tipped blades ensure better attachment of hair follicles to new locations. The recovery time is shorter in this method. It is especially recommended for people with metal allergies.

Sapphire blades are widely used in the FUE technique, which is also known as “Sapphire Hair Transplantation”. The only difference of this method from the classic FUE is the use of sapphire blades instead of steel blades during grooving. This method, which takes the FUE technique one step further, allows dense hair follicle transplantation due to channels opened at minimum angle. Therefore, the frequency of hair in the open area is higher. In this aspect, more successful results were obtained in people with more open hair area.

Operation Time

  • Sapphire method operation time from 2-5 hours

Before Operation

  • Saç ekimi operasyonu öncesi işlemi yapacak ekip, hastayı olası endikasyonlar ve komplikasyonlar hakkında bilgilendirir.
  • Saç ekimi öncesi ve sonrası dikkat edilmesi gerekenler ayrıntılı olarak anlatılır. Bu bilgiler, hastanın stresine azaltmaya yardımcı olur.
  • Operasyon öncesi –varsa- düzenli olarak kullanılan ilaçlar ve kronik hastalıklar hakkında ekibe bilgi verilmelidir.
  • UE Hair Transplantation MethodFUE hair transplantation method is the most popular hair transplantation technique in recent years. FUE has many advantages during and after the application.The following procedures are performed before hair transplantation with FUE;Before the hair transplantation, the team will inform the patient about possible indications and complications. Before and after hair transplantation, the things to be considered are explained in detail. This information helps to reduce the stress of the patient. The team should be informed about the medications used regularly and chronic diseases before the operation. Blood thinners or anticoagulant drugs should not be used 1 week before the operation. Alcohol and smoking should be discontinued 1 week or 3 days before the operation. Multivitamin preparations containing vitamin B and vitamin E or herbal teas should not be consumed. Cardio or bodybuilding exercises should be discontinued 1 week in advance.

After Operation

  • After FUE Hair TransplantationFUE hair transplantation operation is the most natural solution against hair loss today. The success rate of the operation is high and it is necessary to pay attention to the points after hair transplantation.First washing process after hair transplantation. Experts are informed about how to do the hair washing process in the following process. Without caffeine and nicotine absolutely for 1 day from the end of the operation. Be prepared for possible postoperative complications; abnormally consult a doctor. Alcohol should not be consumed for 1 week after hair transplantation. No blood thinners. Observe the doctor’s recommendations and recommendations strictly. It is recommended to drive at least 6 hours after the operation. The first 48 hours after the operation should not be contacted in planting. The first 3 days to avoid strenuous activities such as exercise. Sowing area should not be in contact with water.