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Anesthesia in Hair Transplantation

In hair transplantation, anesthesia is applied to prevent the patient from feeling pain. Hair transplantation is usually done with local anesthesia. Local anesthesia is applied to both the donor area and the area to be channeled. Since it is a long-lasting procedure, the amount of anesthesia should be well adjusted. There are three different anesthesia applications in hair transplantation: 

General Anesthesia 

It is a method of anesthesia that is administered by a drug given by vein or respiration. It is an anesthesia which allows the patient to go into sleep state by being left completely unconscious and numb. While it is preferred for long-term procedures, it is not the type of anesthesia applied in hair transplantation operations. 

Local Anesthesia 

It is a type of anesthesia used in hair transplantation. Anesthetic drug is injected with very fine needles in the areas where hair transplantation will be performed. It is applied separately to both donor area and planting area. The patient does not feel pain in the procedures in these areas; also conscious and sense active. If the patient has a fear of needles and the pain threshold is very low, short-term sedation can be performed before local anesthesia. 

Needle-free Anesthesia 

Needle-free anesthesia is an anesthesia method that can be applied to all patients, especially patients with needle phobia. Also known as “painless anesthesia”. Local drugs are administered subcutaneously by compression. No needles are used in this method. Therefore, the patient does not hurt. Needle-free anesthesia is a method that reduces the fear of “pain” in for those who want to have hair transplantation. It allows them to enter the hair transplant operation without worry.