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An Overview to Hair Transplant in Turkey

An Overview to Hair Transplant in Turkey

Definition of Hair transplants is done to add more hair to an area on your head that may be thinning or balding. It’s done by taking hair from thicker parts of the scalp, or other parts of the body, and grafting it to the thinning or balding section of the scalp.

More than 50 percent of men and more than 40 percent of women experience some form of hair loss across the world. In order to overcome that situation, people often use organic products, including topical treatments like minoxidil.

A hair transplant is another renewal technique. The first transplant was performed in 1939 in Japan with single scalp hairs. In the following decades, physicians developed the “plug” technique. This involves transplanting large tufts of hair.

By and by, medical professionals began using mini- and micro-grafts to minimize the appearance of transplanted hair on the scalp.

Cost-Efficient in Turkey

Numerous factors have played role in hair transplant when considering why Turkey’s 1-billion dollar industry appeals to such a grand number of health tourists, but the most outstanding of which is lower costs compared to clinics located in the US or Europe; while maintaining the same level of professionalism.

The usual hair transplant surgery in Turkey carried out by government-certified surgeons under standard sterilized circumstances, would sit anywhere on a scale of $1500 to
$2000. The attractive prices to successful rates are just one of many factors luring in potential patients from diverse locations and ethnicities around the globe.

Final costs may depend on the:

• the extent of the transplant procedure • availability of surgeons in your area • experience of the surgeon
• the surgical technique is chosen

In addition, you can combine your treatment with an unforgettable journey in the historic metropolis of the old “Constantinople” and new Istanbul.

The average number of health tourists flooding into the country for hair transplants alone verges around 5000 patients per month with a vast majority of those tourists coming from Europe and the Middle East. Additionally, the numbers are projected to exponentially grow in the coming years.

IDL Hair Clinic

If you are thinking of a hair transplant and looking for a hair transplant in Istanbul, we are experts in hair implants in Turkey. Using the most modern processes together with high-quality facilities and supervised by fully qualified doctors with long expertise supported by pharmacists and nurses, in order to prescribe the most appropriate treatment for each situation.

As mentioned above, we use the most modern procedures and methods, including the Sapphire FUE technique, extracting follicles from the skin in the donor area to implant them in the bald areas and redefine your hairline. The operation takes just a few hours, with no risks for your

health and under total safety conditions. We, as DL Hair Clinic, explain to our clients all the steps of the treatment, with no tricks or hidden costs.

FUE has commonly been using in Turkey because it offers the most effective results and the most looking-perfect hair. That’s why, if you wish to see your hair growing back and you are looking for a hair transplant seriously in Istanbul, choose truthful consultants. IDL Hair Clinic is located in Istanbul. If you wonder anything about processes, medicines, methods or other matters, please contact us for more information, and see What differs us from others.

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